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We help you seamlessly integrate highly skilled candidates from India and the Philippines into your team, fully managed and streamlined by us. From payroll to workspace setups, we handle it all, letting you focus on growth without the overheads.


Define your needs

  • Share your detailed requirements, including role, skills, and start date
  • Our team works with you to understand your unique challenges and goals

Talent Search

  • Our experienced recruiters dive into our extensive talent pool
  • We screen and shortlist the most qualified candidates for your review

Select your ideal fit

  • Interview our curated list of top candidates
  • Choose the perfect fit for your team and company culture

Seamless onboarding

  • Your new team member starts working with your team
  • We ensure a smooth transition and provide ongoing support

We Handle the Details

  • Your new hire works from our state-of-the-art office
  • We take care of payroll, benefits, and administrative tasks

Ongoing Partnership

  • Our dedicated customer success team ensures your satisfaction
  • We provide continuous support to help you navigate challenges and achieve success


Cost-Effective Scaling

Reduce Operating Costs, Increase Efficiency: Employing full-time international contractors through Solvable Global can reduce your staffing costs significantly compared to local hires. Benefit from the economic variations across regions without sacrificing quality.

Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

Instant Access to Expertise: Whether you need talent in marketing, engineering, accounting, legal, IT, or software development, we connect you to a wide pool of skilled professionals ready to integrate into your operations immediately.

Hassle-Free Management

Comprehensive Support, Zero Hassle: Our services include providing work desks, ensuring top-notch data security, supplying necessary hardware like laptops, and managing all HR and payroll activities. Your contractors report directly to you, while we handle all administrative overhead.

Future-Ready Workforce

AI Idea Labs – Upskill and Innovate: Stand out by leveraging our exclusive AI Idea Labs. This initiative helps your remote team stay ahead of the curve by continually upgrading their skills, particularly in AI and technology, ensuring they remain competitive and innovative.

Fully Compliant and Secure

Risk-Free Compliance and Security: Navigate the complexities of international hiring with confidence. We ensure full legal compliance with local employment laws in India and the Philippines, backed by stringent data security protocols to protect your business.


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