Attract the right candidate

Employer Brand Studio


Candidates are negotiating for more than just salary

They are looking to join a company that aligns with their values and motivations for a transformational work experience that ignites passion and makes an impact. A candidate’s research & decision-making process before they consider applying to or joining a company includes more questions and visual platforms to gather information than ever before.

What We Do
What we do

We create video content that helps you win talent

We look to educate candidates on the foundational reasonings, perspectives, and stories of impact behind the building blocks of your company. We feature your employees to share their experiences, expertise and backgrounds that have shaped or been shaped by the company’s culture, product or opportunities.

We are focused on highlighting the “Why”, “How”, and “Who” behind what you offer as an employer. This transparency builds on accountability, trust and tangibility for your ideal candidates.

What We Do

Reduce the cost & time per hire


Increase retention and reduce attrition by setting expectations


Encourage scaling through strong company- candidate fits


Engage and build a healthy pipeline of high qualified technically and culturally fit


Incite more productive interview conversations

We create
consumable videos

for your
social and job

that excite
and inspire
your future

about what
it’s like to
work for your

directly from the
mouth of your


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